This is VentureVets

Venture Vets is a Norwegian purpose driven & pet friendly company. As veterinary start-up we develop disruptive business models which attracts modern veterinarians for opening their own business with hightest working hour flexibility.   

Our 1st business model innovation is Cats Only launched in Norway followed by further scandinavian and german speaking countries. 


VentureVets - We Turn the Vet Industry for the Better!

VentureVets is headquartered in Oslo, Norway at the pulse of the dynamic Norwegian entrepreneurial community.

We are part of the Innovation Norway program which is the Norwegian Government’s most important instrument for innovation and development of Norwegian enterprises and industry.

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Meet our Board Members

Picture of Ulrich

Ulrich Ohm

CEO & Co-Founder 

Veterinarian with >25 years experience in the veterinarian industry in diverse roles and 20 years as a clinic owner.

Picture of Lars

Lars Tacke

CCO & Co-Founder

Master in business management with >20 years experience in Global Marketing & Sales Director roles.

Dr. Maik Kindermann

Board Member

Cat owner, Inventor, Innovation management with +20 years experience in biotech start-up, Pharma industry and Animal nutrition and Health.


Philipp De Simone

Chief Growth Officer

Cat owner, leading multicultural international teams in different regions (EMEA, North America) in Global Sales and Business Development roles.


The Board of Advisors


Knut Haugland

Digital Advisor
Current position CEO of WAYS AS, CTO in Leii AS, and digital advisor for VentureVet AS, and he has extensive experience within the tech industry.


Sandra Komsi

Sandra Komsi is a well known person within the vet industry.
She knows everything there is to know about cats.

Ulrike Neuberger

Business & Strategy Advisor
Co-founder and partner at Medicalboard, leading management roles in different industry functions, Expert for Innosuisse, coaching and advisory activities for start-ups.