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A baby cat doing handclap with the owner

Cat Loving Care Online

CatsOnly is a video consulting vet-service with cat friendly veterinarians.

Our goal is to give cats a good and healthy life for a fair price as subscription/abonnement. At the same time they will get the advantage of no cage, no driving and no stress in the waiting room for the cat when they meet with the veterinarian online.

By downloading the CatsOnly app and signing up as a member our clients will gain full access to our Cat Friendly veterinarians through video consultations. They will also receive useful information and fun content about cats’ health, behavior, and be a part of our Cat Friendly Community where they can ask, talk and share anything cat related.

We are a cat loving community to create a better life for all cats.

Join VentureVets as Franchise Partner!

We are looking for cat-friendly veterinarians with working experience who would like to open their own business as franchise partner.
With our new CatsOnly business model we offer the highest working flexibility and above-average earning potential.

We are looking for partners to either open physical vet spots and/or provide online consultations (loaction free).

You have strong communication skills, empathy, high social competence and a confident appearance.

Become part of our fast growing startup and create the future of veterinary medicine togehter with VentureVets.

Are you interested?